Fleece and Wool Yarn

We have specialized in breeding and pasture raising pedigree Romney sheep for over 30 years.

The Romney’s fleece is soft and lustrous and has the finest fiber diameter of all the long wool breeds. This makes it ideal for hand-spinning. The colors of natural Romney fleece can be white, cream, beige, silver, gray, chestnut brown, black or multicolored. Hand-spinners and weavers highly value this palette of natural, earthy colors. In addition, with its broad range of spinning counts, Romney fleece can be used for a wide variety of products ranging from sweaters to rugs.

Aurora Ranch offers fleece, roving, locally spun yarn and machine washable sheep skins in many sizes and colors from our pedigree Romney sheep. To learn more about these products, contact us at kateandgeorge@auroraranch.com.

Romney sheep roving
Romney sheep fleece
Hand knit sweater from Romney sheep wool
Gloves knit from Romney sheep wool
Beautiful multi-colored Romney sheep skin
Romney sheep cream and chestnut brown skins
Romney sheep wool yarn of many colors